Tuesday, April 05, 2011

need a diversion?

Life has been really heavy lately.

Help me pick my outfits for J's brother's wedding this weekend!

Rehearsal Dinner





Please note that J took these pictures, and he cannot figure out how to take a flattering picture of me. I have tried to help him, many many times, and he just can't do anything with a camera but hold it up and click the shutter. He has zero finesse with zoom or camera angle.

He totally does not understand that down shots hide my double chin.

But I still love him, so I'll just have to deal with it ;)

And can we also pretend that I have on makeup and am not rocking a greasy side pony?


ETA - J is standing in the wedding, and I know they will take family pictures, so think of me standing with a bride, 4 guys in tuxes, my MIL in a classic MOG dress and my adorable SIL, who always looks fab (and then my boys and nephews, who will most likely steal the show anyway)


Erika said...

I'm going with B for the rehearsal dinner outfit and B for the wedding outfit. I just LOVE the shoes you have on in that one. :)

heybubba said...

B and A for me!

Sonya said...

I'm with Erika for going with B's for both outfits!

Laura said...

I LOVE this game! Yay! JJ did an awesome job taking pics! I don't see one double chin!

I'm voting B for both.

What will you be accessorizing with? Can I vote on necklaces and hand bags too? ;)

heather s. said...

B for the rehearsal and I'm torn on the wedding outfit. I love B but if J is standing in it and you'll be in family pics I'm wondering if something that is in the same color family as the wedding party would make sense.

YGS said...

B and B. All beautiful choices. Can we play this game everyday????

JJ said...

I vote B for rehersal and A for the wedding - I love that color of blue!

Charlie and Kara said...

I like B (rehersal)and A (wedding)the best, but all are very cute!

Kara said...

I love the camera - you can totally get advice and girl input even though you may not live nearby. My vote:

Rehearsal: B
Wedding: A (LOVE the blue/teal color on you)

Stephie said...

This is tough... Rehearsal B (but I think A is more "you")
Wedding A, I LOVE that color on you (and me!)

Caroline said...

Wedding A

YGS said...

Changing to B and A since J is standing in the wedding!

Anonymous said...

Which did you choose?