Tuesday, April 19, 2011

wedding outfits

In case you were all just absolutely sitting on pins and needles worrying about what I wore to my BIL's wedding...

I wore the black linen tunic and capris to the rehearsal, and the teal dress with nude open-toe pumps to the wedding.

And I can't remember if I took a pic of myself in either outfit.
And I killed the camera.
So yeah...

I kept the yellow floral print dress and will wear it to my boys' Baptism and another family wedding in May - the votes were split pretty evenly between the two dresses.

Thanks for helping me decide!


AJ said...

I just saw a pic of you and Jori that she put up on FB. You both look gorgeous!!

Laura said...

Let me know if I can help again! I love that game! (Too bad we couldn't play from the comfort of the AGD couch like old times!)