Wednesday, April 06, 2011

big news!

Last Tuesday J asked if we wanted to move to Milwaukee.

I asked him to show me the offer.

Offer was good - we are headed to Brew City!

I'll keep you all posted while I house hunt :)

alanna rose


JJ said...

Awesome!!! Do you know yet where you are thinking of living? I'm sure Lesley will be very excited to have another AGD to hang with and can probably give you tons of info if you need anything.

Amy said...

Whoa, that is big news! That means you will be closer to me in MN... Good luck on the house search!

Stephie said...

I'm sad you'll be far away now but how exciting for you and Jocko and the boys. Now Laura and I will have to road trip to you!

Laura said...

Road trip? Water trip! We'll take the ferry!
Congrats to J! Give him a pat on the back for me! ;)

I promise I will come and visit. I'm pretty sure you'll actually be closer to me now!

Charlie and Kara said...

How exciting! Congratulations to you. Maybe now we can get together sometime. We like to go to Milwaukee in August for the Irish/Celtic Festival and its a quick train ride from Milwaukee to Chicago :)

YGS said...

How exciting! Congratulations :)

Michelle said...

Very good news!!! Congrats! I hear that Milwaukee is a fun place to live :)

Danielle Michelle said...

Huge news! However that sucks when I'm in D-town and can't visit!

Good luck with the house hunt! Keep us informed!