Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Breakfast Foods and Meal Planning

Tonight was low-key. Hubs had his last bowling night of the season (thank you!), and Peanut and I spent the day hosting a little egg-dyeing party. We were pretty tired.

Around 4:30 I decided that we would just have bowls of cereal and fruit for dinner. And I decided that if I didn't have a cup of coffee I would not make it to bedtime.

And then I remembered Amanda posting this nommy little recipe yesterday. So I told Peanut we would also have a little treat with dinner. He may be his father's twin, but he is momma's boy - he excitedly said "Chocolate?!" Yep, little one, chocolate is generally part of momma's treats :)

So we ate.

And then, while catching up on some of my favorite blogs I noticed that Laura planned her entire month of dinners for April. What a fantastically freeing concept!

Instead of dreading meal planning every Monday, I can just do it once and get it done! I can;t believe it never occurred to me before. So simple, but so wonderful.

So tomorrow I think I will focus on planning meals for April, and I'm also going to start planning meals to cook for the freezer so that I'll feel a bit more prepared about the impending arrival of Bun (nine weeks to go!).

Do you have a goal for April 1st?


Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

Oh, gosh... I should probably get to doing those taxes...

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Thanks for the linky. :) We should totally form our own candy support group. ;) Hello, my name is Amanda, and I love chocolate.

Laura said...

I could join that group too! Yummy!

I am so glad that you liked my menu idea. So sweet of you to link up! It's nice when you do menu planning for a few months in a row, cause you start to see which meals are worth repeating every month, and you can schedule them regularly- like tacos! (I love tacos!) Followed by chocolate, and it's a perfect meal!

I also did a bunch of freezer meals when I was pregnant with my son, and it was great to have all those ziplocs stacked in the freezer. Just pull one out, defrost, heat it up- and you're ready to go! I really encourage you to do that. You'll be so glad you did! If you just lived closer, I'd bring you a dinner when the baby comes. The drive is just a smidge too much... :)

pk @ Room Remix said...

That is so funny. Whenever I talk about making something sweet around here, it's just ASSUMED that it's chocolate. What other kind of sweet treat is there? :-)