Saturday, March 27, 2010

future aerospace engineer?

Lately we have been all about rockets.

All day long I hear "3,2,1 Blast off!" And then I usually hear "CRASH!!!"

Crashing is fun, don'tyouknow.

I have been trying to teach JJ that it isn't "blastoff," but rather "ignition." See, I totally remember something from Space Camp - Mom and Dad, consider that money well spent :)

And while I was caught up in the vocabulary, JJ was busy building his own rocket:


See the trailer on the back? That is the rocket boosters. After "blastoff" the rocket flies very briefly and then the boosters detach and fall to the ground. We're not sure where he learned that part, but we think it's pretty fabulous.


Laura said...

So cute! Aren't you amazed by what they notice?

Michelle said...

wow -- definitely going to be an engineer!! that is awesome :)

AJ said...

I love the safety feature in front of the guy!

rae rae said...

it's in the genes!

Danielle Michelle said...

lol - that's awesome!