Tuesday, March 02, 2010

guess what?

Chicken butt.


I'm at 27 weeks today, which means only 13 weeks left to get everything ready for Bun. I feel like we need to kick it into warp speed. Which is easier said than done with JJ running around. It's almost noon, and I've only managed to get him into a clean onesie and diaper so far.

The child who usually tells me his toes are "cold and sad" as soon as I take off his dirty socks is happily running around in underwear. And I keep the house cool, because I like to wear sweaters but hate to sweat. Go figure.

So anyway, this past weekend we headed up to Muskegon and I threw JJ a little party for his family there. And, although the invites clearly stated "no presents, please," he really raked it in. So add thank you notes to my list of things to do today:

1. get JJ dressed
2. sweep and mop the kitchen (and let JJ help) - I DID THIS!!!!
3. thank you notes, complete with 2 year old scribbles

blowing out the candles

This weekend we're having a party here, and my side of the family and some friends will be coming in for it, and since he's two I decided JJ could have two friends over - I think they were impressed by the dump truck invites!

We've also begun the great migration.

The office desk was chopped in two and moved to the den. I sold the old couch from the den (hello $50) and this weekend (when there will be many hands to help) the sofa bed will move from the office to the den, and then we will be able to paint JJ's big boy room. His new bed has been ordered, we're just waiting to have it delivered until after the room is painted.

And that's where we're at.


AJ said...

Yay! for help with moving furniture!

Woot! for the final countdown of the last trimester!

And Hooray! for birthday parties!

PS-I love JJ's ultra blonde lockes!

Stephie said...

Dump trucks.... is it bad my first thought was slamming out of them at Phi Taus?

Laura said...

Happy Birthday JJ!

Let the count down to the Bun's arrival begin!!

I hope the great migration goes well!

Kara said...

Happy Birthday JJ!!! I can't believe he is already 2.

Susanna said...

Hopefully its a race car bed!!!!!!!

Danielle Michelle said...

Happy B-day JJ!!!
Yeah for the 'new' room!

Charlie and Kara said...

Happy Birthday JJ, I can't believe he is 2! Time is flying. Great decorations and you look great in your pg picture a few posts back :)