Wednesday, March 03, 2010

How do you...

How do you donate?

I'm not talking about monetary donations, I'm wondering how you decide what/when/where to donate items you are no longer using.

I've got a little system.

I call it "The Bag."

I always have a used shopping bag, with a sheet of paper inside, hanging on a hook in the hall closet. As I find articles of clothing, knick knacks, and general stuff that I no longer love, I put them in the bag and inventory them on the piece of paper. When the bag is full I drop it off at the local GW. It's super easy because I already have a list of items I am donating, and I generally make a weekly stop at my GW. I always ask for a receipt, which I staple to my donated items list and file in the taxes file (then I let Hubs handle it).

putting items in The Bag

Sometimes I will list things on CL before I donate them - anything that requires me to have the GW truck stop by is listed first. Unwanted craft supplies are always listed, and so are items that I think the GW will have a hard time selling (like the sweaters that I felted and decided not to craft with). But I have a CL rule, I will only list the items twice, after that they leave my house. I also never list clothing - I don't know why not? Just a quirk.

How do you Donate? or Do you donate?

Information on donating to Goodwill.
iPhone app to help you track your donations.


Laura said...

We are in the midst of a bathroom remodel, and we called Habitat for Humanity. They came and picked up the giant mirror, and the sink and vanity. It was so great to know that it was going to someplace that can use it instead of a landfill.

We also have a local charity that has a drive thru drop off. I load up the car, drive over there, and they unload it. Then I go shop the thrift store to see what treasures they have from other donaters!

Caroline said...

What is a 'sweater you felted but decided not to craft with'?

I'm good at getting stuff downstairs to a common storage area-bad at getting it the actual charity. For large stuff, I find an ad on craiglist (for free or super cheap) will almost always get a taker. For books, especially out of date text books and study guides; there's a store at the library if I can't get rid of them on craigslist.

But I'm not nearly as good at getting rid of clutter as I should be-maybe over spring break?

alanna rose said...

Laura - we are getting a Re-store in town next month - and I already have a cabinet base and large chunk of countertop for them. It's a great way to pass on building supplies!

Caroline - the sweaters were wool that I had purchased at GW to felt and then make some crafts with. Basically you wash them until they shrink down to nothing, then use them like boiled wool. I'm really good at stuffing things into closets for a few months, and then getting rid of them. :) I believe you get a better tax write off if you donate books to the library instead of GW - might be worth some investigating!