Monday, March 15, 2010

A Little More Cleaning

Installment 2 of the "Throw out 50 Things Challenge."

Check out Episode 1 :)

It's really easy to let go of things when I know they will support a great cause. An upcoming church rummage sale is a great reason for me to get rid of a bunch of extraneous "stuff" I have lying around.

Tomorrow I'm heading to the rummage sale drop off with:
11. cookie jar
12. bag of potpourri
13. a bunch of unloved cook books (hooray for more shelf space!)
14. random, hand-me-down metal stand
15. old TV (from my dorm days)
16. old VCR (also from the dorm)
17. bag of random kids videos (no VCR = no need for VHS tapes)

I threw out:
18. handful of expired medications/toiletries

Listed on CL:
19. old yarn stash (time to realize I can't possibly knit all of it, and it is taking up some major closet space)

On Sat I donated this to my favorite little Cub Scouts' Food Drive:

yep, that's some random food

20. bag of random pantry food (for some reason I always buy Hamburger Helper when it's on sale, even though we NEVER eat it, the same with the microwave popcorn and Cream of Shrimp soup - I should not be allowed in the grocery store while pregnant)

I'm working hard to get up a second list for this week so that I'll finish before the end of the month. I'm thinking that cleaning out the china buffet and hall closet should more than fill 10 more spots. And I have a really fun guest-blogger writing a post about clutter in other cultures. I'm excited for it! I think it'll make you stop and think about future random purchases.

Keep on De-Cluttering, it feels so good!


McCarthy Designs said...

Well done! I am impressed with your de cluttering, It always feels good once you have cleared out all of that unnecessary stuff! xx

AJ said...

You've inspired me to throw some things out!

I filled on giant diaper box and one giant wipe box with toys and clothes to donate to Easter Seals for their pick up yesterday. Guess what was still on my porch when I got home? Ugh, I hate when they send flyers and then don't pick up!

Good thing there are drop boxes all over the place around here!

Danielle and Clint said...

Great job! Sounds like you have made lots of room on those shelves!

Meg said...

You are so good! I wanted to do that this weekend. My plan was to paint our master bathroom and then purge the closet and bring those items to Goodwill...but I didn't make it. You're inspiring me to track down some good causes that will push me to do my spring decluttering faster. Thanks for the inspiration! I might have to dig in this evening when I get home!

vanessa said...

A few weeks ago the grocery store was out of cream of potato I needed but had cream of shrimp. I wondered who in the heck buys cream of shrimp. Now I know. What do you do with it? Thanks for stopping by my blog