Monday, February 02, 2009


Lamb - this one's for you :)

J's Famous Family Dip or Crack for you Chips

cream cheese
garlic salt
diced onion

This is more like an anti-recipe, there is no real measuring.

Cream the cream cheese with a hand mixer (you can use a fork, but the dip will be smoother with a mixer), blend in milk until you reach your desired consistency. Slowly add the milk, for the first year we were married the dip I made was more like soup, I would always add too much milk. Shake in a hefty amount of garlic salt - my BIL's rule of thumb is to add GS until it masks the flavor of the cream cheese (I like just a tad less) and add as much onion as you'd like. I love onion - so I add a ton; I'm also not picky about the kind of onion I use. When vidalias are in season I always use them (and the dip is sweeter), otherwise yellow onion is good, and white onion makes is super oniony!

Of course this is perfect for chips, but it's also excellent on pretzels, veggies and spread on roast beef sandwiches (maybe not for you, Lamb).

This is J's family recipe - his grandmother had 6 kids and was in desperate need of a chips-and-dip fix, but she had no vehicle and no dip! Being ever resourceful she mixed up some cream cheese dip, and the rest is history. It's seriously not a family gathering without the dip!


Lamb said...

i NEED this in my tummy right now. i dont care thats its 6.50 in the morning..

and i was totally thinking vidalias too. yum!

AJ said...

You do realize this is what I will be thinking about the rest of the day, right? And I do have about 70 zillion bags of chips/pretzels/crackers left to use up. I'm totally making some:)

Lamb said...

u MUST stalk allison. she is so crude. i LOVE it.

she is Tales from LaLaLand on my blog list. she is also on twitter.