Thursday, February 12, 2009


JJ likes to roll over and squirm away while I am changing his diaper. I know he's not the first baby to do this, and certainly far from the last, but it is super annoying.

I thought I had the perfect distraction - THE REMOTE. It's like his Holy Grail, so I figured it would buy me, roughly, 23 seconds - just enough time to strap a new diaper around his little tush.

Except I didn't realize what he could do with THE REMOTE in just a few moments. He somehow hit the right combination of buttons and:
a) paused the live TV
b) activated picture-in-picture (I didn't even know we had this, and I really don't want to tell my husband, because we will have to watch all manner of sporting events in a little box in the corner of my shows)
c) muted the whole mess and added Spanish subtitles

I know!!!!

He's in bed now and I would really love to be catching up on Sober House, but I can't; I've only been able to get rid of the subtitles.

So now I'm watching a paused Prilosec commercial, with Top 100 Videos of the 90's in a tiny box in the corner. And I have no sound.


Pamela said...

Changing diapers in our home is like an olympic event. I'm not allowed to change her unless she's half asleep or totally calm. She thinks it's fun because she and Mark roughhous (totally don't know how to spell that) when he changes her. Sometimes it takes 2 people to change her diaper - one to pin her down and the other to do the change. I can't wait to start potty training...

Kara said...

lol....That made me chuckle. Thanks for the great post. Cambrie is a mover and shaker too. Typically a clean diaper distracts her for just the right amount of time to change diapers.

Baby Love said...

LOL! Sooo funny.. been there so many times! Great post! We are going through the same over here, esp with Christopher. Angela is learning to twist and turn too, so it's quite a challenge. And I can totally relate to the tv remote!

Laura said...

Too funny! I quiz A on body parts. Ask him where is head is, hands, etc, it keeps him busy enough to clean up the poop.

mistika said...

Changing pampers is an odyssey in my house!

McMommy said...

Oh my goodness...I SO UNDERSTAND!! I wrote a post about this awhile back...I feel like I deserve an Olympic medal after changing Carter's diapers!! :)