Saturday, February 21, 2009

saturday stuff

Today was pretty casual. We spent the morning hanging around, playing with JJ, drinking coffee (J doesn't do coffee, that was all me). After JJ went down for a nap around noon, we decided to install the new dishwasher.

It is now 8 PM and it's still not done.

My mom and dad said we should have paid to have it installed; J looked at the instructions and decided it wasn't that hard. Know what? I'm glad we didn't pay to have it done, it hasn't been stressful, just time consuming, and we literally had all day to get it in.

Besides I've got plans for the money we saved :)

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Kathy said...

know where you are coming from. Same here last year. New dishwasher, looked so easy, took all day.
So glad Mark is the only one that know how to load, run and unload it.