Saturday, January 31, 2009

an interview

Q: So Alanna, what's been going on this week?
A: On Tues night I was ill; so ill I was convinced that the Quaker Man had lied about the origins of his peanuts, and I had been duped into consuming salmonella pb bites. But on Fri, J came down with the icky-sickies too. So rest assured people, the Quaker Man is still safe.

Q: How is it being sick and being a mom?
A: It sucks royally. But here's the amazing thing - as I was hugging the toilet, my mom was heading here to spend a night on her way back from a trip to Cinci. And then, because we got a ton of snow on Tues night, she was stuck here until Thurs morning. So my mom gave me the prefect opportunity to actually get some rest and get well. Thanks mom!

Q: Did G get sick?
A: Thankfully - no. One would assume that a nursing child would just get whatever his momma has, but not my little Viking!

Q: How about your mom?
A: Unfortunately Mom did become ill - last night it hit her. And that sucks even more because today she and my dad drove to Folk School. But she's a trooper so everything will be alright. I just feel bad that I infected her (and probably dad, too) right before their trip.

Q: What else is going on?
A: Lots! We'll start with G - he's a walker now! He started taking a few steps on Jan 2, and in the last two weeks he's been practicing his Frankenstein-walk. He's so determined (totally gets that from J) and so super-cute (I would take credit for that, but he looks just like J).

Q: What have you been up to?
A: I've been making decisions. I've decided to retire from Mary Kay. I still have a ton of fresh inventory on my shelves, so please continue to order, but I've decided not to replenish my stock as I sell. I'm not saying I won't go back to being a consultant in a few years, I'm just taking a break for now :)

Q: What will you be replacing MK with?
A: Something even more fun! I'm reorganizing my office and turning it into a craft studio because I've decided to open my very own Etsy shop! I'm busy working on a few crafty bits and planning a name and theme for my shop. My current stumbling block is that I don't have a camera. I might have dropped it while taking a self portrait. It's currently being fixed, and it's okay with me if they send it back ASAP!

Q: Anything else?
A: I still really want to get into interior design. I'm trying to decide if I should get a degree first or just jump in. Right now I've got two "clients" that I'm working with - they're both friends, but they asked me to help them, and both offered to pay (I won't let them, though). I figure it's a start, and I can gauge my real interest level based on how these projects go.

And now I'm going to play wii with J :)


Y Garcia-Smith said...

My house can be your first interior designer project!

Stephie said...

I'm excited for an Alanna etsy shop!

Danielle Michelle said...

Go you!!! Take pics of your designing for portfolio work and future jobs! SO get a camera!

Adrienne said...

It might be worth it to see if you can part-time a degree while doing a few design projects. I assume with a degree you'll end up with a portfolio, so you'd have a combo portfolio of degree-related and non-degree-related, plus lots of word-of-mouth. I always feel like people will trust you more if you can say you went somewhere to be trained in color wheels and upholstery naps, heh.