Tuesday, January 20, 2009

finally posting about christmas

Christmas this year was long. It was great, but there are some things I'd like to do differently next year (I guess it's already next year, but you know). We drove to the Muskegon on Mon afternoon. G was actually pretty content for the whole ride (there was some crying, but not too much).

Tues we hung out at my in-law's, went to Meijer (oh exciting) and I helped my MIL wrap some presents and cut out a few cookies. And we played Rock Band 2 (we brought it with us because we are addicted, it's sick really). Wed was Christmas Eve so we headed to Viking's for a drink and then to J's Aunt's for the family party and had a lot of fun :) On Christmas Day we headed to Grandma's after opening presents and playing more RB (really sick), ate, and then trucked over to Troy.

We got into town and pretty much headed right over to Merissa's for her White Elephant Party (I got a Kwanzaa doll) and to see my girls :) On Fri we opened presents at my parent's and went to my Aunt Peggy's for another Christmas dinner. Sat my Aunt Dee and Cousin Kathy and her kiddos came to my parent's and we had another big meal (although that was mostly leftovers, and fudge, lots of fudge). That night we played more RB (noticing a theme?), some rumikub and just chilled at home. J and I had big plans to head to GLI, but with the game being so early we couldn't figure out the logistics and we were kind of tired so we opted out. We'll be extra ready for next year!

Sun we said goodbye to my brother Mason and his dog Coda and girlfriend Tara - they started their long drive to Portland (they should get in tomorrow- fingers crossed!). And then we got ready to head home. On Mon we opened our presents at home and were able to relax. Whew, I'm tired just writing that out.

edit - I wrote this on New Year's Day. Sometimes you look at what you've written and it's awful, but you still push "publish post." Also, Mason, Tara and Coda arrived safely in Portland - and my mom managed to not have a coronary while they were on the road :)

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