Tuesday, January 20, 2009

i'm so over it

Things I am So Over today:

I used the morning nap time to straighten my hair, is it too much to ask that it actually look nice when I am done? "Just run a hanger over it." Not in this house. Mommy dearest (that's me!) has a strict no-wire-hangers policy. So I'm rocking a sweet plastic barrette (lame).

True Beauty
I had high hopes for this show. Loved how ridiculous the first show was. Made it through the second show. Started the third show, deleted it from the DVR before it was done and removed the timer. Sorry A. Kutch, I just couldn't stomach it.

New Soap Pumps
The new stainless steel soap pumps are rusting. ! They are STAINLESS STEEL. Furthermore, shouldn't they have been designed to withstand the harshness of...hand soap?

Jon and Kate Plus Eight
At first I loved this show. I wanted to smooch and squeeze all of the kids. I could see my relationship with J in Kate and Jon's relationship (although I believe I am not as crazy as Kate). Now I can't stand them. You know it's over when there are 28 new episodes waiting on the DVR and you have no desire to watch them. Maybe it's the constant commercials on TLC, with that annoying song in the background - It's a beautiful day... SHUT UP! Maybe it was the totally self indulgent "Wedding?" Maybe it's the never ending season? I'm pretty sure the Little People season started and ended during the J & K season. I don't know. Another timer gone.


AJ said...

Don't hate me for this, I can't help myself:)

The metal surface treatment trouble shooter in me says the issue with the soap pump is likely one of the following issues:

1. It's a low grade stainless (low chromium or nickel content).

2. The part is formed and then given a chrome conversion coating as opposed to being formed from a SS blank, and then the coating has worn off.

3. Some alkaline materials will stain SS, but those same materials would likely burn your skin, so I can't imagine they're in handsoap. Although if there's something that reacts with the chromium oxide film, that could do it, too.

4. Crappy manufacturing and the rust was already there, and soap just enhanced it.

5. May not actually be stainless at all, but a brushed metal...however, usually aluminum is the substitute there and it 'rusts' white, not red.

6. Plain old bad metal. With the economic crisis, a lot of manufacturers are accepting lesser quality metal than they previously accepted and it causes quality issues. We run into it almost everyday.

Can you tell this is what I do everday? Only not on soap pumps, on car parts:) But you are right, they should definitely be able to handle the harshness of handsoap!

alanna rose said...

AJ - I'm sure it's because they came from Target. While cheap and cute, they aren't exactly heirloom quality.
I should have plunked down the $50 for pumps from RH.

Lesson learned.

PS- nerd, nerd, nerd ;)

Laura said...

SO with you on Jon and Kate. I used to love them. Now I just want to go in their house and take a poo on the carpet, just to see Kate's head explode (and to get my pasty white cheekies on TV).

Pamela said...

I had high hopes for True Beauty too, since I missed it last night, maybe I won't bother watching it online at work...

Soap pump - we have expensive ones at work - they rusted and didn't work after 2 days. We fought with them for almost 2 years before I went to Kmart and bought some Soft Soap pumps. I wish I had done it sooner. (we didn't because we didn't want to offend the owners wife who took great time in picking them out...)

Lamb said...

im with you and Laura. i LOVED them, now seeing them on tv makes me want to punch someone in the face.

and It's a beautiful day.... What editors think its OK to run that shit EVERY COMMERCIAL BREAK????