Monday, January 26, 2009

it's a goat

Because of Danielle, I had one goal today:

Get this Hamfatter Award thingamajig posted before anyone else.

To quote Miss D "The story behind the award goes something like this: Andrea decided to contemplate on where blog awards came from. Her sister said they were made up. So Andrea decided to make one up, and well, the rest is history because this is what she found out: The word 'ham' originated in the early 1880s from a song called The Hamfat Man. It was a black minstrel song about an awkward man. After that, people would use the term hamfatter when someone was trying too hard to be funny and not succeeding. That was ultimately shortened to the word ham. So she made an award featuring her goat Joe."

And here it is:

I'm flattered because:
a)It's a major award!
b)It features a goat.

But, there are strings attached. The recipient must:

1. Blog about the Hamfatter award and tell where the name came from.
2. Post the Hamfatter Award Proudly on your blog!
3. Pick 5 blogs that just make you laugh and link to them in your post!
4. Link back to the person who gave you this hilarious Hamfatter Award!
5. Let your blogger friends know they were awarded a little something!

I hereby recognize AJ, McMommy, Tena, April, and Lamb the newest class of Hamfatters. Congratulations! May your goats serve you well. Maaahhh!!!

Now if I were just smart enough to figure out how to stick this on my sidebar...


Stephie said...

so it's about this 15 year old girl that gets pregnant at band camp (I missed the first season so that's all I know) The baby's daddy, Ricky, has issues, in foster home, dad molested him, likes to have sex with girl who has daddy issues.... it's way more complicated then I thought.... it's basically a never ending lifetime movie?

Stephie said...
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Kathy said...

Does Stephie ever tell you where the goat comes in..

Danielle Michelle said...


Stephie said...

I fixed it ;)

Kara said...
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Tenakim said...

thank you - I can't decide if I'm more afraid of the word 'fatter' in the award or the fact that it originated from someone trying to be funny and not succeeding (is that a hint?)??? But if you say it's an award which is a good thing- then I will take you word for it! Thanks again!