Monday, March 05, 2012

laundry room/mud room

Earlier this year (I know, it's already March. What?!), I teased you with some amazing pictures of my laundry room.

Well, at least I thought I posted some shots of my laundry room...I guess I just put up pics of my washer and dryer sitting in my kitchen.
How very helpful of me ;)

Anyway...the project is almost done!

Here it is the day we moved in:
not my washer and dryer...also, awesome mirror doors

And when we had the floor replaced:
goodbye worn out vinyl!

And the (almost) after:
it's starting to come together :)

I was looking for a more useful room.
If you park in the garage, you enter our home through the laundry room.
And we are park-in-the-garage people.With two super active boys I needed this area to function well.

My list of wants/needs:
* retractable laundry line
* mop/broom storage
* space for my laundry tubs
* storage for coats/hats/shoes
* place for little ones to sit while shoes are put on/off
* place for my purse to land
* hook for keys
* hook for backpacks

So far we have:
* retractable laundry line - perfect for drying hats and mittens! (we found it on amazon)
* mop/broom station (not pictured) (also from amazon)
* space for laundry tubs
* hooks for coats
* bin for hats, etc.
* bench (from
* key hook (re-purposed from my closet in our last home)

looking in from the kitchen

Things to come:
* shelves over laundry tubs
* baskets for the overhead shelf
* cover overhead shelf in fabric?
* paint old closet rod
* basket to hold clothes pins
* mirror on back door

That's all I've got :)


Kimbo Bimbo said...

I have those awful sliding mirrored doors though my whole house. It is amazing how much bigger the rooms looks when you just take them down.

Love it!

Cristina @ said...

Hi Alanna, yep! our Laundry rooms are pretty similar, well, mine is even smaller than yours! I do notice the changes you have done, a little bit more and at the end you'll be pretty happy! I'm following your blog.

Danielle said...

That's kind of nice that you have a "multi-purpose" room off your garage. Our garage goes straight to the kitchen so we have set up a little shoe rack by the door and usually end up hanging our coats on the chairs in the kitchen. It works but it's not very pretty.

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

Lookin' good! I want a retractable laundry line in our laundry room. Jealous. I also like your little white bench.

I want to redo our laundry room, but we'll have to wait until we get a new water softener. Our current softener takes about like half of our laundry room because it has a humungo brine tank and the separate softener machine thing. Really, we should take all that crap out now because it doesn't even work. Stupid hard water.

Paula said...

This room is looking great. You've made it pretty and functional, too. Do you know how much I'd love a garage or a laundry on the first floor??

A retractable laundry line is such a good idea. Shelves over your laundry tubs will be handy, too.