Tuesday, March 27, 2012

movie monday, on a tuesday

Good morning!

I'm feeling chipper today, despite the fact that my hair refuses to cooperate and I just realized I left my relaxing balm in Michigan (Dear Susie, please don't use it all.). Also I am most definitely growing my bangs out for the summer, and they just hit weirdo stage.

Here I am rambling a bit about the current state of the entryway.

I really can't find my web cam.
It's most likely under the desk, having been knocked down by a small child.
But I'm too lazy and skeered of spiders to check.
Please tell me you are also convinced that spiders live in the tangle of computer cords under your desk.

Happy Monday friends!


Stephie said...

Big scary spiders may be one of the few reasons I have started dating again... I need someone to kill them and Em won't do it

PrincessMom21 said...

Behind my tv. I know they're in that cord mass...I know it.

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

I'm digging your entryway. That vanity is gorgeous! I can't want to see the pink version!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

Seriously? Our computer is in the "enclosed porch" which is the latin word for "where every bug comes to live." Also where my craft room is so.....yeah. I feel you. Always gotta shake the cardstock before I pull it out. I'm gagging just typing about it.