Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the entry has been painted

An alternative title for this post:
"Entry 2.0, Now with Less Anger!"

You see, when we moved in the entry was red.
Late 90's, early 2000's reeeeeeed.
I've done that color before, I am over it.
I needed it gone.

move in day

Also, the light fixture was this horrible alien pod.
It scared me.


I have a new happy place :)

calm blue ocean aka MS Magnetite

I am so much calmer now.
Really. I am. (see, no exclamation points = calm)

But I was not calm while painting the very-tall-wall-on-the-stairs (vtwots).
Because the ladder was at a really steep angle, and pretty much 8000 17 ft. high.
I climbed up to cut-in the ceiling (that's my job).
I bravely thrust my paintbrush into the air.
and then i started crying
I really did. Hubs talked me down and did the cutting in and rolling.

rolling...he was higher for the cutting-in

He totally owned the vtwots.
He is my hero. (no exclamation point, because I am so calm)

Have a calm day :)

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Danielle said...

love that blue color for the walls! When we painted our house, we also had a tall stair area just like yours that we had to paint. My father in law had some scaffolding type thing that actually went across the stair area and i was able to stand on that and "hover" above the stairs while using an extended paint brush. It wasn't nearly as scary. Good thing you're ok. The things our husbands do for us!

Danielle Michelle said...

So pretty!! I love it! said...

Love it... did you change the blue color or does it just look that much better since it is not up against the red???

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

I love your calm walls! If I were to visit you, I'd hug that wall-- it looks so calm and welcoming. What were people thinking in the 90s with their paint choices? Hunter green, red, mauve... Bleh.

We have vaulted ceilings in our great room and master bedroom. They're not as tall as your very-tall-wall-on-the-stairs, but they're a good 13-14 feet. Did that ladder work well? Brad swears that we can't use a ladder like that because it will go through the drywall. I want to paint our tanilicious great room and bedroom like whoa.

Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

One more question: Where did you get that awesome light fixture? The new one, not the UFO.