Monday, March 19, 2012

a vlog about coffee saving the day

Confession: I sort of really love making a video on Monday mornings.

And because it is Monday, I feel like it's okay for you to see my hair before it is flat ironed, my face before it is made up and my office before it is cleaned in its natural state of disorder.

A hint: if you start the video, then pause it and restart, my voice syncs up to the video a bit better, otherwise you can pretend it's a Kung Fu movie.
Totally your choice.

Have a lovely week!


Merissa C. Piazza said...

I Won!!!! SWEET!!

Danielle said...

You are so cute! Love your Monday Vlog. I think I would be too self conscious to do that.

Stephie said...

I like it as the kung fu version. just saying