Friday, September 23, 2011

missoni: mission accomplished

Last week I shared a little sneak peek at my Missoni for Target you get to see it all :)

And if this bores you or you are insanely jealous, keep reading, because a blog friend of mine is giving away some Missoni for Target goodness...and of course I'll share the info with you!

Just to remind you, I didn't go out of my way to get my hands on this stuff.
My shopping trip was a happy accident based on an insanely early preschool drop off time.
It's stuff...made in China...purchased at Target...soulless stuff.
But it is fun, and I like it.

Hey, look! It's a pillow!

The store had two of these, and I decided that I really only needed one for my new couches (I know! I haven't blogged them yet, but they are here! Consider this your sneak peek.)

I think one works better than two would have, and then I didn't feel like one of the crazies that snatched this stuff up and is selling it on Ebay for a bazillion dollars.

Walking into the store, I didn't really know what I would find.
I wandered around and looked at everything, I tried to be choosey.
I put a few things back. Because that's a good and healthy thing to do, right?

At any rate I decided that I would allow myself two items from each category (home items, clothes, accessories, and office stuff)

melamine...and fun
This tiered piece surprised me.
It's plastic, and sort of exactly what I was looking for without knowing I wanted it (does that make sense?).
I can tell you that it looks pretty fun on my kitchen table right now.
And if I ever make some friends in this new town, I will really enjoy using this to serve canapes.

While I was browsing there were two moms, 12 year old daughters (in their school uniforms, on a school day - during school hours!) in tow, and their carts were heaped with every single article of Missoni clothing they could grab.

I had the joy of listening to them in the fitting rooms. Ugh.
So many things wrong with the whole scenario.

New thought...

cannot think of caption...distracted by pretty colors
Two articles of clothing, I think that's enough to have some fun, but it won't look like I buy all of my clothes at Target (even though I might...) the sweater is really flattering on me, and it has my grey in it.
Happy place :)
The skirt is fun. No other way to describe it.
I need to buy some new leggings. And then, I will be rocking the cuteness.

The shoes are totally me, but they are the most cheaply made pair of shoes I have ever purchased at Target. And I buy a ton of flats at Target.
Mostly on clearance for around $9.
These were $30.
Good job Target marketing team.
The scarf is a scarf, I'll wear it happily :)

I have already scribbled all over that clip board.
I picked these two colorful items for my office.
I am obsessed with clipboards.
The crate was fun and the same price as any other fabric-covered Target crate.

I thought I was done with the Missoni stuff after my one trip.
Especially because everyone on the planet was obsessing about how it was all SOLD OUT...
Except at my Target.
I went back the next day because we needed TP and trash bags.
They had moved all of the Missoni-ish up to the front of the store...

Isn't the shoe box fun? I'm sure I can do something with it...
I spotted the two makeup bags and they magically ended up in my cart.
Actually I needed some new makeup bags, so these will do nicely.

Mr. Three decided that his favorite part of all of this was the price tags.
Did you know they are really the world's thinnest and lightest cell phones?
Shhh...he's on the phone

Giveaway info!!!

Rebekah at A Blissful Nest is giving away three pieces of Mission for Target loveliness!
But you need to enter by tonight (Friday) at get clicking.
Her blog is full of pretties, especially the parties she puts together. Very follow-worthy :)

So...did you grab up any of this goodness?
Any other thoughts on the craziness of it all?


Pamela said...

I've never heard of Missoni. Yep. That's how awesome I am.

I do like the skirt and make up bags!

Paula said...

You are making me want to visit Target to get some of that cuteness for myself! I try to stay away from Tar-jay because I lose all control in that store!

Lee said...

I love, love, love that tiered piece. Amazing. Great find!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

I really love the pillow. I have a thing for pillows. I need another one like I need a hole in my head.