Friday, September 16, 2011

best day EVER!

Okay, so maybe today wasn't the best day ever - but it was pretty darn good!

Hubs came home last night and announced that he was taking the day off today.

We decided we would take the kids out for a pancake breakfast and then have a really low key day. Lots of playing with Daddy and I had some time to get a few things done around the house (lots of vacuuming!). Before breakfast I wanted to stop by a garage sale at my favorite house in our subdivision (do you have houses in every square mile of your town picked out as your *favorite*? I absolutely do).

I'm so glad I went garage saleing!

I was pretty sure this house was owned by a decorator, after talking with her today I can confirm my hunch. She had some great furniture for sale. I passed on her floral couch, even though it was excellent...we have enough couches...but I did pick up a great antique chair that is going to be perfect in my office.

Tufting, nailhead trim and a great shape.
Be still my heart. (I'll share pics later!)

I also grabbed a bolt of drapery weight fabric for $25...yep 20 yards of nice fabric for $25, the retail price was $24.99 per yard.

I know it's drapery weight and not upholstery weight, but I am seriously thinking of sewing a new slipcover for Ektorp from this fabric. This couch is in the front room, so it's mostly used for time outs; not a high traffic area.

What do you think?

Hubs comment - "Well, it's yellow."

And then I can hang this print. I'll have a new mat cut, I'm thinking white and a navy inner mat.

My comment - "Almost anything is better than a beige couch on a beige wall!"

Ok, back to my perfect, amazing, fabulous day!

I took Mr. Three to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live!

self portraits are tough, yo.
So fun!
Little kids everywhere breaking it down and waving glow sticks.*
Adults laughing and smiling.

And we were home before 9 kind of concert ;)

Do you have weekend plans?
Think I should dive in and sew up a slipcover? 
Or look for a different fabric?

*BTW...the glow sticks were $10...I should have picked some up at the dollar store and sold them from my seat!

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Laura said...

1. DJ Lance glasses are a MUST ALL.THE.TIME! :)
2. Wrap that couch up!
3. Weekend plans = unknown, maybe applesauce, apple pie making?

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I think you should beat you hubby with a glow stick for that comment.

(and I always pick out favorite houses....doesn't everybody??)

Stephie said...

I took BooBoo to the MTU/ Wayne State game today, sadly the good guys lost :(
I am all for the slip cover, I'm a fan of yellow printed couches these days...