Friday, September 30, 2011

little bits

*first cool-weather hot tub tonight, so nice! We have decided that hot tubs are now on the must-have list for future homes.

*playdate this morning! All I had to do was decorate for fall, I immediately wanted to have someone over to I got brave and emailed one of the preschool moms. It was really nice to talk to another adult! Oh yeah, the kids had fun, too.

*I'm headed to Chicago in the AM for a seminar. I'm excited! It's not something I've blogged about yet, but I think most of my friends know about this little that we are more settled I'm excited to get to work.

*tomorrow we'll have been in our new home for three months. When I say "three months," it feels like a substantial amount of time; in reality I still feel totally displaced here. I can get myself to Starbucks, but I'm still unsure what local restaurants are best. I don't get lost heading to Target, but I'm not friends with any of the grocery cashiers yet. I still feel like the new kid.

*my mom arrives on Mon! She's staying through Fri :)

*next Sat. my girls arrive for our annual girls weekend! Plans are still up in the air, but we might go see Alton Brown. He's doing a book tour and will be in Milwaukee.

*we are planning a U.P. trip! A long weekend in the Keweenaw sounds perfect to me. I want a pasty!!

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