Friday, September 30, 2011

fall color tour, getting settled, day 7

On Tues. I finally unloaded the tubs of fall decor (there are only two tubs, so nothing too exciting).

Happy owl!
Decorating a new home is tough.
I moved things all over...tried them out in every room, on every table.

3 year old decorating skills
I'm pleased with how it all came together.
Walking downstairs Wed. morning and being greeted by my fall decor made me happy.

The wreath above the fireplace was a quick little project.

I think it needs bunting up top...opinions?

I had the bare grapevine wreath.
I also had a hand-me-down Pottery Barn fall swag (thanks mom!).

Gnomes are never optional
I attached the swag with zip ties.
It wasn't quite long I filled in the space with a few fake leaves (randomly in my fall decor boxes) attached with clothespins. The clothespins are new, and really clean looking, so I colored on them with crayons to make them feel a bit weathered.

I'm really happy with the wreath.

I didn't spend a penny!

And in the entryway...I accepted the fact that we will not be painting before Thanksgiving, and I hung some art to make it more inviting.

Notice the 3 year old in the upper left...he won't stop playing with the decorative sticks!

The decorations make this house feel more like it's ours.

In the dining room

Although some fresh paint and new light fixtures will still help ;)

I'll add the Halloween items next week (I always wait until October!).

I don't think I've decorated with this thrifted crate before. I like it.

Have you decorated for fall?

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Janel@hatingmartha said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn't it great what a bit of decorating can do to make a house feel like your own! It will be a great place for your family!

Paula said...

Your fall decorations look nice. I love how you filled your old crock with gourds and pumpkins. I'm hoping to decorate today, but we'll see!

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

I haven't decorated, and with this {stupid} 31 Days series, I don't know that I will. Somehow the world will go on even if I don't, right? I bought a pumpkin that's sitting in the kitchen and I might be calling that "done."

Hope that new kid feeling wears off....that's the worst! Your home looks lovely, even if you aren't feeling like it's completely you yet. It'll come, sister!!

Stephie said...

Em was reading blogs with me and she loves your owl, she keep "whooing" the whole time we were on the computer ;)

Michelle said...

I LOVE your pumpkins and fall decorations! I just decorated last night (after the kids went to bed) -- I put out a lot of halloween stuff -- I was anxious for the kids to get up this morning and see it all :)

Decorating for the different seasons is one of my favorite things :)

Your new place is looking like home!