Monday, September 12, 2011

i made a wreath!

Sometimes the stars align and I actually make something out of the 8.3 million craft supplies I buy every year.

Last night was one of those rare occasions!

I made this fluffy wreath for our front door.

i like it!

Tutorial coming soon!

Not because you are all dying to know how I made this amazing piece of, highly flammable awesomeness, but because I took pictures.
And made a half-hearted attempt at editting those pictures.
And I can make you look at them!

Woohoo internetz. Woohoo. I'm so proud of my Orange Wreath, I'm linking it up to the CSI Project, Orange Linky Party! Visit


AJ said...

Super cute!

Stephie said...

I really like it! But it makes me want to paint my front door for some reason....

Paula said...

Love those fall colors!