Monday, October 03, 2011

a space for ME, getting settled, day 8

Last week our tv, internet and phones were out for more than 12 hours.
It put a major damper on my normal nap time routine - sit on the couch and eat cookies while watching DVR'd episodes of Teen Mom and Donna Decorates Dallas. And I actually had to do something productive to keep from going crazy while the boys napped.
What?! Work!! EEK!

I decided to dig into my office...or what will be my office.
Here it is on the day we moved in.

Hey! It looks like no one lives here!

It's a little, square room off of the living room.
It (conveniently) has french doors, which are really necesarry because it's become a dumping ground while we've settled in.

Oh, wait. People do live here, hoarders, obviously.

So I got to work.
Removed the major stuff that was going into storage.
The pile of boxes (because all of my friends just had babies! squee!).
And started sorting through stuff.

oohh...sorting baskets...i loves them

About halfway through I almost gave up.

halfway there...just keep going!
Then I realized that if I just stuck everything back into the room, I would have effectively wasted my energy.
Not cool.
Back to work.

This is clean enough.

Clean enough to set up this little corner!

That's the garage sale chair I scored for $25! And a little GW shelf that I plan on painting ($14), complete with my Missoni tote. you see it?

gnomie love <3

Amazing ceramic gnome lamp, courtesy of my MIL, who found him at an estate sale and knew I had to have him :)
Thanks Rita!!! He looks pretty happy here, I think we will keep him :)

I still have work to do in my office.
But for now it works, I can blog in here, pay bills, hide from screaming children.
You know, all of the important stuff.

And I have a gnome.
And really, that's the most important part.


Stephie said...

OMG! I <3 the Gnome lamp!!!

Danielle Michelle said...

Yeah - so hey? Can I just move in with you? I'll live in the office!

I love your new house!

Merissa C. Piazza said...

Dude you totally forgot to point out the creepy coconut man.

heybubba said...

i love those up/downstairs totes! where did u get them?