Thursday, October 20, 2011

changing seasons

I've been busy!
My mom visited for a week...we miss you, Grammy! Then my besties came out for a long weekend...woohoo!! And then we headed out for a mini vacay in the Upper fun!

And in all of the excitement, the weather changed.
We had a week of fall, then it was hot - so hot I almost sent Mr. Three to preschool in shorts - and now I'm pretty sure the cooler temps are here to stay.

So I feel like I should finally swap from my summer bag to my fall purse.

summer canvas, traveling purse, leather for fall!

I feel like swapping purses is the final change of the season.

How do you mark the passing seasons? 
What bag are you carrying this fall?


Kerry Rossow said...

I was still lugging my big ole white purse around until yesterday! Oops, call the fashion police!
Changing to a fall purse makes it official, it's fall.
Kerry at HouseTalkN

Stephie said...

I swapped out purses a while ago, but only because I got a new one and I was too excited to wait ;) I am carrying a camel leather now instead of my aqua fossil and once the snow hits I'll most likely pull out the black one.
I normally decide things based on if I need to wear my winter hat at practice everyday or not lol and it has been on everyday!

Michelle said...

ooooh.... I like your leather one... what color is it? I am about ready to switch out to my FAVORITE fall bag of all time -- a Nicole Miller charcoal grey purse that I bought last season.

I am with you -- I love when it is time to switch out purses :)

vanessa said...

Ohhh I love all of your bags. The "traveling purse" is so fun! I just switch my bags out when they start to fall apart :/

Danielle Michelle said...

What change of season?

I love my purses but I get anal about changing them out so I carry the same until i get board and want a new one. Right now it's an Italian Leather Lucky Messanger bag. I love it.

rebecca @ older and wisor said...

You're supposed to have a "FALL" purse??? I guess I'm lame. I carry the same purse for at least a year or until it literally falls apart and the duct tape won't hold anymore. I gotta make sure I get my $14.99 out of it :)

Paula said...

I really need a new fall/winter purse. I switched to one that I bought out of a sheet on a street corner on my one and only NYC visit. I need to shop for one!