Friday, January 18, 2008

zippity doo dah

Remember zip disks? I just found three of them, and have no idea how to retrieve the information off of them (do I even really need my old college projects?).

Wait. Let me start over.

We bought a camcorder, because it's like mandatory; if you don't have a camcorder your children will grow up thinking they were unimportant to you and unloved, right? So after we bought it we decided it is probably time to upgrade the memory on our computer - the computer J bought in 2001. We had installed XP a few years ago, and added a bit of memory then, but we needed to add more USB ports, and a DVD burner, etc. So we decided just how much money we were willing to invest before we just bought a new computer. Yeah, had we been able to purchase all of the upgrades we wanted we would have ended up spending about $75 less than the cost of a new computer. So we bought the new computer, it cost exactly half of what it cost in Jan of 2001.

Last night was apparently THE night to transfer everything over, hours of burning pictures to CD's (remember, we had a slow, old computer), going through old files and cleaning out the random drawer of floppy disks. Among the gems - my final project from ME 105 (anyone have a copy of Pro-E at home?), a bunch of really basic html web pages, and a copy of my resume from freshman and sophomore years - complete with copies in German. They are all now in the trash, sitting in my driveway - except for my German resumes, I just couldn't part with those, they are sort of fun. Now I'm staring at my small stack of flash disks. I have no idea what is on them (I was apparently not as anal about labeling everything back then), but don't want to trash them until I know. J thinks he might be able to track down a random flash drive at work, if he does I'll let you know what I find.

PS - anyone want a giant monitor?


Kara said...

I still have some old files on zip disks as well. I have no idea what's on of these days I'll find out.

Also, doodlebops aren't as scary as the picture makes them look. You'll have to watch them on tv...they have upbeat songs and your little one will probably like to dance to them :)

AJ said...

I have some zip disks too. Those were short lived!

Adrienne said...

oo, let me know if you find something that will read zip drives. i want to get some of my old projects onto a cd :)

Danielle Michelle said...

I spent exactly 5 minutes obsessing over what was on my old disks before I trashed them. I figure if I haven't loked at them for this long I can make do without them for life. Besides...they might bring back horrific memories of some class you'd sooner forget forever!

Y Garcia-Smith said...

The only way to transfer your zip disk stuff over is with a zip drive. Good luck finding one :)

Stephie said...

So I'm a super loser and didn't RSVP for your shower but I am planning on being there. I'm excited to see you! (twice in 5 years, I hope we can take it!)