Monday, January 07, 2008


*I am addicted to clementines. They are too delicious. And every time I peel one Zippy starts squawking at me, so I have to share a segment with her. She's so spoiled.

*I have a very hicuppy Peanut.

*Because I have high blood pressure (not toxemia, I had this before I was pregnant) I now have weekly OB appointments and weekly biophysical profiles (BPP). The BPP is an ultrasound where they are looking for 4 things - fetal movement, fetal tone, fluid levels and fetal breathing. So far the Peanut is happy and healthy :)


Charlie and Kara said...

Alanna, I had weekly BPPs too. That means you are almost there! How exciting. Patrick was a very hiccuppy baby too. In fact he had hiccups a couple of times when he was on the monitor. My doctor told me that hiccups are good because it means that the nervous system is developed! Glad to hear that the peanut is doing well, and I hope your feeling good too. REST while you can :)

Kathy said...

Peanut is happy and healthy and a girl that will be born on March the 4th!!!

AJ said...

Yay, you're in the home stretch! Glad to hear Peanut is doing well. I think you need to have a boy/girl pole on your blog so we can all vote:)!!!

Christmas sounds like it was a lot of fun for you, J, and Zippy!

Stephie said...

I am so jelaous of the Fraggle Rock box set! J made me smile with the robe to cuddle babies in :) he's a keeper for sure! Next time you need a guitar hero fix you can visit the parents and then take a long trip to target, we have 2 guitars and versions 2 and 3.
Glad to hear the peanut is doing well and you are too. I did't realize how close we're getting!

Erika said...

Remember, you have to wait until March 6 so he or she can have a totally awesome birthday like moi. :)

I loved it when Alex had the hiccups. It was so fun to watch. You should film it. I wish I would have. I can't believe you only have 57 more days 'til you're due! You need to post a belly pic. :)

Danielle Michelle said...

Yeah for Peanut! can't wait!

rae rae said...

I'm addicted to fresh mandarines here in Spain right now. MMMMMM. Now I must go and eat one.

I can't believe Peanut is almost here!!! Any guesses on the sex?

Y Garcia-Smith said...

Have you been able to find seedless clementines or mandarins?