Wednesday, January 02, 2008

home again

Christmas and New Year's was actually very nice :)

We got back home late last night, and now I have a billion things to do - #1 is to water the dying houseplants and #2 is to get rid of the things that are growing in the fridge. But I promise to write more later, but post no pictures, because I didn't take any! I guess I'm just a slacker.

Happy New Year!


Erin said...

Happy New Year!!

Kathy said...

No pictures??? How was cleaning??

Laura said...

Medela Pump-in-Style. It's my SIL's and it was free to me. They are like $300+. I did have to get the the larger (not the largest though) boobies adapters. The ones that come with it are for members of the IBTC.