Monday, January 28, 2008

showers and such

I had a wonderful shower in Troy :) Lots of friends, lots of family, yummy food and a ton of much need baby loot. Thanks to all!!

Just a few highlights:
* seeing Stephie for the second time in five years :)
* finally meeting Ava, she was very good (and so cute!) and helped me with the presents
* cake from Holiday Market, so good
* my mom knit an outfit for Peanut to come home in, it's so adorable - but it's white and I'm having a hard time taking pictures of it
* the A Team was all there, in one place, and no one had to sleep in a sleeping bag:)

Onto the next shower.

J has started a new crusade - I actually think he is nesting - he is on a home-repair and maintenance rampage.

In Nov we realized our shower was leaking (just a bit) into the crawl space. No big deal, we just use the other shower (even though it's sort of a pain). All of a sudden on Sun night, right after we get home from Troy, he climbs back into the hole and starts working on the shower. This is comical, to say the least. I "help" him, he yells at me from under the house, and I yell back, trying really hard to make sure the message hasn't been garbled too horribly by the 19" of insulation, flooring, supports etc. (You want me turn the shower on? Off? What?!). I have suggested he take his cell phone down and just call me, this makes too much sense.

We make some headway on the shower. He figures out what the real issue is and buys a new drain assembly ($8 at the hardware store), then decides he can finish the job tonight. All is going well until he asks me to stand in the shower, he wants to make sure the weight of a person doesn't mess up the work he's done (or something along those lines).

I no longer fit through the shower door.

Well, I can squeeze through, but the thought running through my head is - "If the baby grows one iota while I am in here, I will not fit back through the door." Which gets my mind off of home repair, and I start creating horrific Gilbert Grape-inspired scenes of cranes removing me from the confines of the shower stall.

If the shower is finally fixed it'll be great, but it'll be J's personal shower for the time being.


Stephie said...

That cake was fab! we need baby room pics, J said he put in the light fixtures and the crib was out of the closet :)

AJ said...

Ava LOVED helping you open all Peanut's presents:)

...and the cake was very fab!

heather said...

The cake was awesome! It was so good to see you! I'm sorry but the image of you being stuck in the shower made me laugh...I'm mean.

Amy said...

I bet that a pregnant gal would not be able to get in my shower either, I never thought of it until you said that.

Kara said...

Glad to hear the shower was lots of fun.

Put the white outfit your mom made against a dark background and take a pic...that might work.

Also, still waiting on belly pics and baby room pics :)

mel_fitz said...

sorry I couldn't make it. sounds like you had fun. tell J to take it easy. he and S could get together and have a DIY repair party. and don't worry about Gilbert. you'll be just fine.

rae rae said...

Gilbert Grape thoughts are making me laugh hysterically. Yes, I am a cruel soul.

Hope all is well!

Kathy said...

It's time to see the belly!!

Diana said...

Sorry I couldn't make it, but Peanut's gift is coming!

The belly is looking awesome!