Friday, January 11, 2008

peppy baby

I had my BPP and OB visit today. The baby has up to 45 min to "perform" all of the things they are checking for; we were in and out in ten minutes because someone was having a dance party in my uterus. :)

At the OB appointment they gave me the results of the re-check on my iron, my level is lower than it was before I started taking the nasty OTC supplement, so now I get some delicious extended release Rx iron.

Oh joy. I'm hoping for fewer side effects.


Danielle Michelle said...

Is Peanut dancing to Alph Gam Girl already?

Love the centerpieces! If I ever manage to be in that department I'll think of you for centerpieces!

AJ said...

Yay for a dancing baby!

I had to have NSTs twice weekly for the last 2 months with Noah. I had to drive to Bon Secours 2 X a week from Utica. I got so used to going there and seeing the incredibly friendly nurses, that after I delivered, I missed them:)

I hope you have fewer side effects too!

Amy said...

I cant wait till peanut gets here!!! I am so curious to find out if peanut is a boy or a girl

I hope your new iron has less side effects

Kara said...

I love the centerpieces below. It looks great.

Also, YAY for peanut passing the BPP quickly. I remember going to the peri 3 x a week with the twins. I loved the u/s and also loved the staff. This pregnancy has been pretty smooth, so I don't think I will be having anymore u/s. Hopefully your iron levels increase. Mine are low too and I have started supplements. YUM.

Kathy said...

7 weeks from today Peanut will be here. Are you ready for her???