Thursday, January 10, 2008

craft time

I'm planning a wedding shower for J's cousin (remember the wedding I was not going to be in? well, I'm still in it). I love planning these things, it is so fun to coordinate everything :) So here are the centerpieces I came up with:

I was going for a fresh, spring feeling. I'm not quite sure what the wedding colors are, they seem to change every other day, but the dresses we ordered are a dusty lilac, and the other colors she throws around are pink and orange so I figured with these bouquets I'd have all of the bases covered. Plus the tablecloths are a pastel madras so these should coordinate well. I just need to decide on favors - I like candy or cookies because they are clutter-free, but I'm not sure what I want to do yet.

In other craftiness I brought the ancient baby bassinet home from my mom and dad's house. We were trying to figure out how old it is and we're pretty sure it's about 150. My parents had the lead paint stripped off before they used it with my siblings (I arrived too early, it wasn't ready for me), but the paint is now 27 years old and looks a bit tattered. So I'm painting, and sewing new bumpers :) And I have the funnest job ever of trying to find a new mattress that will fit the bed correctly - we have a mattress, it's original to the bed and filled with horse hair. Actually very cool from a historical point of view, but like my mother, there's no way my baby is going to sleep on that dusty old thing. I'll take pictures as the project progresses, in fact I'm thinking of entering it into the January Jumpstart competition over at Blulines.

Fun, fun, fun!


Erika said...

that sounds really cool. i can't wait to see pictures of it!!!

good job with the decorating for the wedding. i think that will look fabulous.

AJ said...

I had an odd sized cradle to find a mattress for as well...I actually found mine at a wholesaler on ebay. They had all kinds of odd sizes.

What a cool thing to have though!

Kathy said...

you are so crafty...I love your centerpieces.

Amanda said...

Very pretty centerpiece! I love the colors.