Thursday, May 15, 2008

new level of gross

It's Spring and we have an ant problem in the kitchen. Last year I was vigilant about taking out the kitchen garbage, not leaving dirty dishes out and keeping all unwrapped foods in the fridge. And J sprayed outside when I asked him.

I saw the first ants a few weeks ago and told him, he said he'd spray.

He didn't.

Today I noticed a bunch of ants on the electrical outlet near the sink. I wiped them off a few times throughout the day, and they kept coming back. So I decided to investigate. The ants were trying to colonize the outlet; ants and larvae everywhere. It was officially the grossest thing I have ever seen.



Kathy said...

Lucky you! It's that time of the year. Is there building going on in your area? That will stir them up like crazy.

Danielle Michelle said...

I have ants too...EWWWWWWW! I hate them!!!! They're everywhere!!!!!

Baby Love said...

Ants are so so gross! I hate them too! We live on an ant hill, and they are so bad this time of year! We have the outside of our house exterminated every other month, so it helps with our ant problem.

AJ said...

We had them really bad in the house I grew up in, and my mom still has them. I think some areas are just more prone to them....they're such a pain!

rae rae said...

Wait until Gerald has his first bout of "true" diarrhea. You'll repost your grossest thing ever.