Monday, May 12, 2008

more randomness

* On Sat I heard "Forever Your Girl" by Paula Abdul twice on the radio. It is now embedded in my brain.

* I take my own bags grocery shopping - on Sat I just couldn't squish everything into my bags and had to use one plastic bag. I got home and realized I had the plastic bag full of groceries, and eight additional plastic bags attached to the bag. pooh.

* My baby is into self mutilation. See evidence below.


(it's hard to see in the photo, but he has a gash across his right cheek, and a chunk missing under his nose - I just trimmed his nails!)

* I need new bedding. The set we have is old and gross, I'm a bit sick of it, and it doesn't match our room. I thought I had the perfect bedding picked out, PB thought otherwise. We painted the room this color, and I want to somehow be able to tie the bedding to the chair in the corner. Any suggestions?


mel_fitz said...

hey! I bought him that outfit!
I think the solution to every bedroom-decorating crisis is a big fat down comforter w/ a high thread-count duvet. That's just me though.

AJ said...

I'm with Mel...duvets make for easier variety. I found one I LOVE LOVE LOVE at Target actually. Now if I could only find a comforter I like. I used a Nautica one that was almost $200 and it is the biggest POS ever, it totally fell apart. I exchanged the first one for a new one thinking it was a fluke, and only dry cleaned it, and it still fell apart. Don't buy Nautica comforters!

Gerald is getting so big!

lamb said...

OH MY GOD. i am IN LOVE with that chair in your bedroom. WHERE did you get it and WHAT is its name!!???!!!??!

lamb said...

how about this:

i love that color blue on your walls!

Merissa said...

I'm obsessed with the grey