Friday, May 02, 2008

baby q's

1. How long do you let them cry during (the dreaded) tummy-time before picking them up? I hate this, I put my happy little boy on his tummy to play, he gets so worked up, and then it takes forever to calm him down. Aarrghh.

2. Has anyone had a problem with dry baby scalp? I don't think it's quite cradle cap, but it looks gross, and he leaves flakes everywhere.

3. Any good books on baby massage? I went to the library to look for some and there were none in our collection. Poo. I guess I'll have to spend money on one.


Stephie said...

I have a whole section from my massage school, I'll dig it out this weekend, and either copy or scan it and get it to you. Love you ;)

AJ said...

Neither of my kids were fans of tummy time. Most of the advice I read said that even a few minutes is good for them. If he really doesn't like it, you could always try waiting a few days (or even weeks) and then try starting again.

Noah had dry scalp issues too, I think I used baby oil (which makes a greasy mess, but it worked) and I would just use a baby brush and brush vigourously before his baths.

I subscribed to Baby Talk, American Baby, Parenting, and Parents (all magazines) the first year of both of my babies lives. Two of them were free and two were $1 an issue. So for $24 I got 48 magazines. They have LOTS of great articles including baby massage techniques. You can sign up for all of them online, and sometimes you can even find deals to get the ones that are normally $1 an issue, for free. I love freebies:) They really are great that first year because other moms write in with helpful hints that worked with their kids. I found it was always nice to have other ideas to try.

rae rae said...

No advice on #1 or #3 (Carter hated tummy time). However - I swear by this for gross scalp / cradle cap. Rub Burt's Bees Baby Apricot Oil on their head and brush it out with a fine tooth baby comb. Then let the oil sit in for a few hours, until bath time. It will go away first treatment, and he will smell delicious enough to eat :)