Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Yesterday Gerald turned 2 months old. I'm having a hard time remembering what life was like before he arrived :)

This morning we went to the Dr. and Gerald was immunized. He cried for about 30 seconds, as soon as I could pick him up and love on him he settled right down. He's such a good boy! He now weighs 10.5 pounds, and is 23 inches long. His legs are finally pudgy enough to wear socks! And because I bought him a bouncer, he is taking naps during the day :) which makes me happy because he isn't as cranky in the evening and I can get a few things done. He's also graduated out of the "football hold" for nursing (holding him next to me) and I can easily nurse him while holding him in front. This makes nursing a lot easier, especially without the boppy.

"I love my bouncer!"

The Dr. did say something about Gerald's tongue. I had noticed that he is a little tongue-tied, his frenulum (little bit of skin under your tongue that connects to the bottom of your mouth) is long and so his tongue doesn't stick out very far and looks a bit forked. Since he has no problems nursing it isn't really a big concern, it might just fix itself. But once he starts talking if it proves to be a speech impediment the Dr. will just snip it (in the office) and we should be just fine. So I'm trying not to worry, we'll see how well that goes.


AJ said...

He looks SOOOOO precious in that pic! I love it. I want to smooch him!

The flap of skin between your top lip and your gums is also your frenulum. Most kids rip their's by playing/falling....Ava hasn't ripped hers yet so when Noah ripped his before he turned 1 I freaked out. It bled so much. I don't do well with injuries, especiall bloody ones! But I guess it's the same situation where if kids don't rip them on their own, some kids need them snipped to avoid speech impediments.

Kathy said...

Both a niece and a nephew of mine had their snipped. Both quickly spoke more clearly afterwards. Both sets of parents wished they would of had it done sooner.

Kara said...

Happ 2 months. He looks so peaceful in the bouncer. Glad that he is starting to take naps during the day so you can do a few things.

Laura said...

Amen to naps sista! That is what keep this mommy from drinking! ;) PS- Thanks for the postcard. You rock my world!

Merissa said...

Happy Birthday big guy. Look at all that hair! You are doing a great job Alanna!

mel_fitz said...

does Gerald dye his hair? sometimes it looks dark and sometimes light. cute none-the-less.
I'm glad the bouncer is helping w/ the nap situation. I'll call you tomorrow.