Friday, May 19, 2006


I am cutting out fabric for my window treatments in the dining room, it's not hard, but you need to concentrate, and it makes my head hurt. So I took a break and flipped on the TV and Sylvia Browne was on Montel (note: I never watch Montel, was just flipping channels). Have you seen this woman? She is a "psychic" but I got this vibe (through the tv, I know) that she just throws out random answers at people, but people were sobbing at her revelations about their loved ones. Oh, the power of suggestion.
Jocko is on his way home! So now I am waiting for him to get here.
Happy Friday!

PS - I bought a package of "krab meat" this week, I forgot how absolutely wonderful cocktail sauce is........mmm, I want to drink it!


Erika said...

when i was a stay at home mom, I often flipped by Montel... she is ALWAYS on there. Crazy lady. I can't believe people take advice from a chick who can't even dress herself. :)

alanna rose said...

that's exactly what I thought!