Monday, May 01, 2006

A Quick Recap

I'm starting this blog in an attempt to reconnect with everyone; so here's a quick recap:

Jocko and I were married in Sept. of 2003 and we had a cute little old house in Findlay, OH that our parents affectionately called "the money pit." It sucked up all of our time and money, but it was so darn cute! Fast forward to the end of Sept 2004, Jocko is transferred to Indianapolis and Alanna needs to sell the house and find a new one in Indy, both happen quickly and we moved into our new house on Nov. 12, 2004.

Since then, everything has been really mundane.


Crystal said...

Really? That's all you've been up to?

Erika said...

Alanna Broccolli.... Alanna Broccolli...Alanna Broccolli!!!!!

I lived in Indiana for 3 months in 1999... 'twas very flat. How do you like it? Are you in the city?

alanna rose said...

I've been up to alot, but it's just really typical, not very interesting.

Erika - every time Jocko and I watch old SNL shows with Dana Carvey he always talks about you singing the "Choppin Broccolli" song, and I must admit that I sometimes sing my theme song in the shower:)

jonesy said...

Alanna! Hi! Welcome to our little AGD blog addiction. And I'm sure you've been up to more than that ;-)

Katie said...

Hi Grandma! I'll be interning at Cat starting May 22nd in Peoria. So, that means that I'll only be like 3 or so hours from you, and Amanda B and Kristen will be interning at MISO there, so I plan on comming to visit A LOT! We have to get together! :) Miss you!

Y Garcia-Smith said...

Alanna, Milanna! Welcome to the blog world :)