Friday, May 26, 2006


Yes, AJ, the cocktail sauce was to die for. Not sweet, just tomato-ee and spicy and yummy, I even dipped my bread in it. If any of you ever come to visit me save your pennies, because we are going to St. Elmo's for dinner, I loved it.

In other news, Mel came with Kobe and stayed at my house! We just hung out and let Kobe bond a little with his "Uncle Taco" and we went shopping, and the security guard at Nordstrom followed us around. I couldn't believe it! Did we really look that threatening? Mel's theory is that she carries the worlds largest purse (a very cool one, I might add) and was rifling around in it, so they probably got a little paranoid, even so I can honestly say it was the first time I have ever been tracked by mall security.

I'm cleaning house today and then running downtown to pick up Allison, one of my best friends from way back in middle school, and then we'll come back to my house and wait for Merissa and Adrienne - the other two best friends from way back - to come into town for the weekend. Yea, more friends!

Jocko is currently in Maryland for the weekend to watch his brother graduate from the Naval Academy. We're pretty proud of the little booger, he's graduating valedictorian. It's so funny to see him do that, and all you can think of is what a bonehead he is sometimes - but we love him.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Laura said...

I could think of many, many other people more threatening than Melanna!

Katie said...

Hey Grandma! I'll be in Carmel next weekend (first weekend in June) visiting Amanda B and Kristen, so we should get together! Let me know if your booked up or not - my email is or I will be coming on Friday after work and leaving Sunday afternoon.