Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I Wish Jocko was Home

So, for the past 12 weeks Jocko has been working in Findlay, OH and has only been home on the weekends - it sucks; but now that the weather is nice and things are growing I have to mow the lawn. I had not mown the lawn since I was 13, and then it was with a self-propelled mower, we have a push mower and a HUGE yard. I am tired, and I know I will be sore tomorrow, and even though I've showered, I smell like a gas can.

In other yard realted news, we put in a few new bushes and some more day lillies this past weekend, and it looks like I'm getting my patio this year :)

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AJ said...

I mowed the lawn yesterday too! No fun! I'm sure that our neighbors now have something to talk about since instead of JR mowing it, it was a 5 month pregnant lady struggling to use a push mower!