Thursday, February 02, 2012

why you should always make your bed

I've mentioned before that I generally make the beds everyday. At the end of the day, I just really like to climb into a nicely made bed.

The real reason you should make your bed everyday?
You just never know when the police will stop by to inspect your home.

Wait, what?!

Oh yes, nap time last Tuesday turned into a three ring circus.
I had just tucked #1 in and heard my cell phone ringing.
It was my sister, letting me know that my alarm company had just called my dad because a silent distress alarm went out from my house.

Confused yet?
Me too. I'm still unsure why my dad didn't call me, I guess he hung up the phone (after speaking with the alarm company), looked at my sister and said "the cops are headed to Alanna's house, maybe you should call her."
DAD, if you are reading...the answer is YES. If police officers, firemen, ambulances or Jehovah's Witnesses are headed towards my house, you should always call and let me know. Thanks.

I tried to call the police department and let them know I didn't send a distress call, but if officers are dispatched they check on you no matter what (actually that sounds pretty reassuring, carry on officers). So I kept an eye on the front door to avoid them ringing the doorbell and waking up my happy nappers.
(please tell me you are now singing the happy nappers jingle)

And two really nice and professional officers checked on me to make sure everything was okay.
And because I was a wee bit freaked out, they swept my house just to make sure...

You haven't lived until you've seen cops go down your basement steps with their guns drawn.
Alright, their guns weren't drawn, but they did have their hands on them, and they didn't turn on the lights, they used flashlights...very CSI. Creepy and cool at the same time.

Also, they checked upstairs where the boys were napping, and we must have ninja cops around here because they went into the kids bedrooms and opened their closet doors and both boys.stayed.asleep.
I know!
I can barely sneeze and they wake up.

But getting back to the nicely made beds...the family room was a shambles, Legos, duplos, dinosaurs, #2 has been carrying a Thomas coloring book around and shredding it nonstop. I thought about this for two seconds, then I realized my bedroom was clean, the bed was made and everything was tidy so I didn't care about toymaggedon, I figured if they would judge me, they would see that I make the beds (even though 2 were occupied at the time) and that little bit of effort would go a long way towards my clean house credentials.

So make your beds!


vanessa said...

HAHA. I always make my bed, I don't think I've missed many days since the 5th grade. I am glad everything is ok and at least you had a warning or I am sure it would have been really scary. When I was in high school my parents went on vacation and left me & my sisters at home. Around 2 am the cops showed up banging on the front door. It was the scariest moment of my life, I thought my parents had died. Nope the neighbors silent alarm was going off and the cops were at the wrong house.

Aarthi said...

Nice post


Anonymous said...

1) my dad would do the same thing - he is constantly saying to my mom "you should call ____" mom mom is like, "you have hands too."
2) have you checked out Aarthi's blog. Yummy Tummy - OMG I want to eat everything! we need to make some of those recipes! FOR REAL!!!


Chelsea @ {twotwentyone} said...

Hysterical. This reminds me of the time my husband called an ambulance because our neighbor's kid's girlfriend (you follow? no? that's ok) came to our house and said that she drank bleach in attempt to kill herself. OMFG. So I'm running around the house hiding cookie sheets in the laundry room, piles of mail in cabinets, and shutting doors because I know that in 5 short minutes there will be paramedics and cops in my house. However, I was flattered when a cop said "lovely home" and a paramedic said "beautiful Christmas tree" while they wheeled this chick out of our house.