Wednesday, February 15, 2012

randomness from me

We had a fun Valentine's Day.
Hubs brought me flowers and a small box of chocolates (I told him Mon night - if you do bring chocolate make sure it's a small box - next week is Ash Wed).

He's pretty excellent.

I gave him a Mason jar full of green M&M's.
That's what happens when you buy a few bags of Christmas M&M's on put the red ones in gorp for the kids, and the green ones into a jar for your love.

We've already vacuumed the first floor. The stairs, upstairs and the basement are next. We need the house to sparkle for Grammy and Papa!
(they arrive on Fri!)

The boys are wearing a diaper and a pair of batman underoos.
It's Feb in Wisconsin.
Whatever. I figure they'll wrap up in blankets before hypothermia sets in.

more raisins!

I need to get them dressed.
I should probably put on some concealer.
We need to go to the mall and buy new shoes for #2 and then hit up Trader Joes and pray the shelves contain cilantro.
Maybe we'll go to 5 Guys for lunch...could totally go for a bag of fries.

never enough coffee. never.

That's all.


Stephie said...

love you and your giant coffee cup!

Danielle said...

That sounds like most of my days! For whatever reason, my kids love to run around naked. As soon as my daughter get home from Preschool, she strips all her clothes off.