Thursday, February 09, 2012

stress and clutter

This week has been a bit chaotic and stressful.
Last week was peaceful.
I can only find one difference...last Mon Hubs came home with beautiful flowers for me.
It set the tone for the week.
Things were pretty great.

I think it had something to do with the lack of clutter on my kitchen island.

The flowers were on the island (because #2 is in that incredibly dangerous 20 month old stage - he enjoys climbing, sticking things in electrical sockets, eating soap), basically nothing on the kitchen table is safe.
So I kept the island clean, because there was this pretty vase of flowers that my sweet husband picked out just for me.

The flowers lasted until Mon morning.
Bye bye flowers.
Hello clutter.

real life

How does the island get this cluttered in just two days?

And why does this induce so much stress?

I'm off to detox the island.
And then finish off a fashion post (because you love to see what I wear!).

Do you have a clutter hot spot that turns you into a massive stress-ball?


Stephie said...

my kitchen table and chairs get everything.. mail, coats, Em's stuff from day care. it's a never ending battle. I really need to invest in a coat rack/ wall hangy thingy for by the front door but nothing has struck me yet. Or it just needs to be summer!

Paula said...

Your kitchen is really pretty! I'd love to have an island but it wouldn't work in our space. I'm sure if I had one, it would end up just as cluttered as yours.

My house is pretty cluttered all over and I hope to remedy that this weekend.

Danielle said...

Yes! My kitchen table! We only really use the dining room table so the smaller kitchen table becomes a dumping ground for things that need a home or be put away.

Laura said...

clutter hot spot.... yup- my whole entire house! There is one little corner bit of countertop in the kitchen that more especially bad. I just can't seem to get it stay clear for more than a minute or two!