Friday, April 25, 2008


I have a good little boy - he sleeps well at night, just waking up once or twice to eat and generally going right back to sleep.

During the day it is a completely different story.

It's noon, he's exhausted. For the past hour I have held him until he has fallen asleep (5 min. tops), placed him in his crib (or pack-n-play or bassinet), turned around and heard him scream. I turn around and he's all "What? That wasn't me, I'm just laying here and being cute."

If he doesn't sleep soon, he won't sleep for the rest of the day and he'll be really fun (insert sarcasm here). So I just stuck him in the swing, without lowering the mobile, and tucked a blanket around him.

Please God, let him fall asleep.

"See how not sleepy I am?"


Kara said...

Gerald looks like he has a lot of hair in this picture.

Did the swing work? If not, also try the bouncy or boppy or something else. I find that sometimes they just want a different scenery or position.

Stephie said...

He is SO cute! I could just squeeze him!

AJ said...

He looks a lot like the baby pics of you with your super light hair in that picture!

I've got no good avice on sleeping...Noah is still a ridciulously light sleeper. Please God let him grow out of it soon!

mel_fitz said...

here's my thought: he's either going to grow out of it like Chase, or he wants me to rock him.

Laura said...

Put him in the swing, turn it on high, go outside and take a lap around the house. He'll either fall asleep, or you'll have been refreshed enough to not threaten to put him back. ;)

Merissa said...

Look at those cute chubby arms! I could just eat him up!

Danielle Michelle said...

He looks like he's posing for the camera; "see me? See me? SEE ME!?"

mel_fitz said...

dude, I was checking your blog and Kobe goes, "That's Gewald (that how he says his 'r' still)."