Monday, April 07, 2008

the haps

Sorry I've been MIA. Last week J was out of town, and so was my mom, so I decided to head up to Troy for a few days and hang out with my dad :) He started a new job on Tues - more on that later - and we had lots of family to visit. I promise I will bring Baby G out to visit everyone else next time we are in the Detroit area. Then this past weekend I was in a wedding. Remember the wedding I sort of didn't want to be in? Well, I couldn't tell the bride no, I just felt too guilty, so I ordered a huge dress, had it taken in 4 full inches and made it work. Guess what? I had a ton of fun! The wedding was really sweet, and while the reception was the most laid back wedding reception I've ever been to (and I was sober) it was a blast. The only part that sort of sucked was that the hall was smoking-friendly, so now I have a little boy with a runny nose (OK, so that sucks big time, and I promise to never expose my baby to second-hand smoke again).

I'm sure there's more going on, but I can't think.

PS - J fished the pencil out of the lint trap. He used duct tape, and paint stir sticks. Go J!


AJ said...

Definitely let us know the next time you're in Troy, I need a baby fix:)

mel_fitz said...

that's cool that it was fun.
pick up the phone and dial, hoe!

Danielle Michelle said...

Second hand smoke sucks. Glad you had fun. Want to come visit with the baby? I need influence around.

Diana said...

We have never brought Bret into a bowling alley, sports bar, etc. If people who have NEVER smoked get cancer from second-hand, then just think what it's doing to the poor baby!! Sorry G has a runny nose :(