Thursday, April 17, 2008

bjorn again

Last night I decided to try out the Baby Bjorn - guess who loves it!!!

He was fussy when I stuck him in and he immediately calmed down and fell asleep, such a little angel (he did drool all over me, but oh well). The best part is when he's in it I can type, with two hands!

Hey there blog, guess who's back :)

I'm also pumped to wear him in it while I grocery shop. His car seat doesn't fit properly in the shopping cart, so I have been going after J comes home. But I hate going to the store at night - the daytime crowds are way better.

I think the major caveat is that I look a bit stuffed-sausagie while I'm wearing it. I'll post pictures later - need new batteries in the camera.


Laura said...

I liked the bjorn. I could never get Case to wear it. :(

Yeah for two hands!!!

Erika said...

baby bjorn is the only reason i made it thru alex's first year with some of my sanity. Glad to hear you love it too!