Monday, November 12, 2007

sick little piggie

Zippy is one sick little pig. She is really pathetic, not eating or drinking and just wanting to be held. So I've been syringing her water, and kibble mash. Today we are going to visit a new vet, because I found out that her old vet moved to Africa.

The new vet is about an hour from here in Toledo, it may seem ridiculous, but she's not a happy pig, and I need her to be better by Wed so I can go on vacation!

In other news we started registering for Peanut, Oh My Gosh - I had no idea there was so much stuff to register for. I'm beginning to think we'll need an addition just for all of the stuff. And while we were in the area I went to Macy'$ and bought some new bras. I know the ta-ta's are huge right now but I was not expecting to be quite this large - 40 DDD. I think I've officially entered sideshow sizing.


AJ said...

Nice cans:)

A comment on the lots o' baby stuff: some of it can provide dual purposes and then you only have one super bulky thing to store. Like I really only needed the exercauser, not the additional walker, and the jumpy thing that I wanted to buy. They all do about the same thing.

Seriously, I have a basement full of stuff that I refuse to get rid of until we're done having kids, and I only used a couple of the things for like 3 or 4 weeks. But it's just too damn fun to buy, so it's really impossible to try to resist buying it all...hence my overstuffed basement:)

mel_fitz said...

Poor Zippy!!
Yes, that is approximately threshold of sideshow size that you have entered into.

Erika said...

hope zippy gets better soon.

LOL... I was shocked at how big i got too, but DANG GIRL. :)