Tuesday, November 20, 2007

back home, blah, blah, blah

We came home Sunday night - we had a great time in Gatlinburg! I'll post pictures later, honestly I probably won't get to them until after Thanksgiving, but you never know. Zippy traveled well in the car, and was a quiet little stowaway at the cabin; pets were not allowed, but I figured if someone found her I would just play dumb. It turns out we had nothing to worry about, and we took some fun pictures of our contraband-pig.

I thought Zippy was all better, but today she started refusing to eat again. So I called the vet, but I really don't want to drive up there, so I'm trying to convince them to call in a prescription to the local vet for me to pick up. Right now I'm waiting for the vet to call me back.

Besides Zippy I'm focusing on Thanksgiving dinner, there's a lot I need to do, and I can't seem to find any parsley at the grocery store. In fact, the woman behind me in the checkout line had all the ingredients for stuffing in her cart, and a huge bag of cilantro. I was going to ask her if she meant to use the cilantro, or if she was looking for parsley too, but she had this terrible scowl on her face so I stayed quiet. I wonder how her stuffing will turn out...


AJ said...

I'm not sure cilantro would be good in stuffing.

I have to shove my Thanksgiving grocery shopping in tonight with both kids. Ugh.

Crystal said...

Yay for not having to cook anything for THanksgiving this year!

Yet another reason to not walk around with a scowl on your face. :)

rae rae said...

Stuffing. Jealous. Mexican stuffing, perhaps? LOL. Do you think it could have been italian parsley? That kind of looks like cilantro.