Friday, November 09, 2007

catch up

I haven't blogged in a few days, I've just been super busy. Last Friday I woke up to a call from J that his grandfather had passed away. We all loved Bumpa, and his absence is going to be hard on the whole family. On Sat J had planned to go to the Navy - Notre Dame game with his mom, and they went anyway and had a nice time. My sister, Susie, had the weekend off at 'bucks, and a teeny bit of homework, so she drove down and spent the day and night - we just hung out, but we had so much fun :)

We drove up to Muskegon on Sun and drove back home Mon night. It's about a 4 hour drive from here - not too long for two old pro's from Tech, right? WRONG! That drive always wears me out, blahhhh.

Tues was a catch up day, Wed felt like a catch up day, although I'm not quite sure I accomplished anything and yesterday we had Peanut's last ultrasound. Peanut was being extremely active, even the technician commented on the acrobatic abilities of my tiny Peanut. This time she was able to measure everything and we have a healthy little baby, and the doctor knows Peanut's gender, but we still don't - and that makes me very happy!

Today I've been working around the house and finalizing plans for Thanksgiving. Next Wed we leave for Gatlinburg - I ended up renting a cabin, and we should be there during the color peak, which is a nice surprise because I just assumed their color season ran about the same as Michigan and Northern Ohio's. For the record, Tennessee is much further south than Ohio, so obviously the season changes come later. And we're going to Dollywood - and I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about that!

That is all. Have a good weekend!


mel_fitz said...

argh. I'm going to call the doctor so at least I'll know. how bout that?? then I'll buy you all sorts of stuff and satisfy my shopping urge. very glad to hear that baby is healthy after this ultrasound.

AJ said...

...and then I'm going to call Mel!

Roses to you for will power to be surprised!

One request...will you PPLLLLEEEAAASSEE post pics from Dollywood? I used to listen to the record with the song '9-5' and 'Islands in the stream' over and over when I was little:)

Laura said...

Yay for a healthy peanut! Yay for reaching the point of no return in your pregnancy. Like it or not, peanut's coming! ;)
Sorry to hear about Bumpa.
I hope that you get to see Dolly in person. I have her singing "Stairway to Heaven" on my ipod. It's awesome. ;)

Kara said...

I too am going to call Mel or stalk her at her home so I can find out the gender too :) Maybe we need to do a mission impossible and just sneak into the office, take a peak at the record, and then we are all happy....heheheh

Sorry to hear about J's g-pa. Many prayers sent your way!!

Merissa said...

OMG - you are going to Dollywood. Will you get me another mug? The only thing that broke in my move was my Dollywood mug - and i really miss it!