Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I have a patio! My parents and my youngest brother came down for the weekend and we installed our patio. I will post pictures later, but I am super-duper happy with the results :) We have a little bit more work to do - seal the pavers, cover the base and grow some grass, and, of course, pick out some patio furniture.

And in other fabulous news, the guy who lives across the street has suddenly decided to take an interest in his yard - it's about time. He was weeding his front flower beds (note- there are currently no flowers in said beds) this morning; now he is spreading grass seed, presumably to fill in the areas of the grass that have died due to neglect. The best part is that he has the seed in the spreader, but instead of pushing it along he is dragging the spreader willy-nilly through the yard and throwing large handfuls of seed around. Maybe someone should help him, and let him know that when it is this hot outside grass seed has a hard time getting started.... nah, I'm going to assume he's a trial and error kind of guy.

Happy Fourth! If you are going somewhere fun for the holiday and they have snowcones, please eat one for me - I will assume responsibility for all calories :)


Kara said...

Can't wait to see pics of the new patio. We need to stain our deck, but one thing at a time....

jonesy said...

Yay for new patio! I can't wait to see pics.

Your neighbor guy sounds like ours. He decided to stain his deck (with one of those sprayer thingys) on a day with 50 MPH winds! LOL. Did you know house insurance covers such a catastrophe? :-)